International Women’s Day: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Holiness and justice are two sides of the same coin. They cannot be divorced. None of God’s divine attributes can be untethered. I strive for both. I strive to mirror God in the depths of my soul and all the hidden places. I want to be in spaces and with people who encourage me to reflect Jesus… but I find that hard. I find it most difficult to be a woman in the church. Although Jesus honored and uplifted women as people who bore His image and equal to their male counterparts, my experience with local bodies of believers has been quite the opposite of Jesus’ example. I rarely experience honor for the divinity of God reflected in my womanhood and even more rare is finding the same reverence for my Blackness. These two aspects of my personhood can’t be divorced yet I feel caught in between two worlds, one world seems to honor one part of me and vice versa. I can never have both at the same time. The Black church sees my Blackness, some white churches see my womanhood, but they both ignore the intersection. It is exhausting. International Women’s Day doesn’t see me in my entirety. Just and holy, Black and Female, Brown and taking up space… We often don’t see God in His entirety. We try to compartmentalize His divine qualities, taking the pieces we want and leaving the pieces we don’t. Ain’t I a Woman? Ain’t God, God?

For all that it is worth.

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