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The Hidden Gem of Orange Mound.

Orange Mound is a historical district located in Memphis, Tennessee. While the area once thrived, it has fallen into disarray because of things like gang activity, violence and poverty. God has shown Orange Mound great love and kindness through the ministry of My Cup of Tea. I’ve posted about My Cup of Tea before here. My family and I first heard of them through a package of one of their teas and we fell in love more than we could’ve ever dreamed possible.

My family and I had the opportunity to visit the shop in person and we were… astonished to say the absolute least. This ministry doesn’t just touch lives, it loves. The benefactor has been a member of our church way before we joined. It’s funny how God intertwines all of our paths. Before we got to the shop, we thought to stop and get some food, but we didn’t. And somehow I had a feeling that we’d be there at least an hour talking to the women involved, but I never could’ve imagined what happened.

Their stories, their dedication, their love for one another, God and the mission… There are no words. The ladies involved in this movement are spectacular and so kind. It was a little slice of heaven. I can hardly imagine what the whole cake will be like.

A city set on a hill indeed, dedicated to bettering the lives of the women who come there.

One of my favorite parts of our first visit of hopefully many— is the tea cup chandeliers.

2018-10-19 042571790174074167223..jpg
Beautiful mugs, ornate, unique…
2018-10-19 048034054520769694601..jpg
What you can’t see is that these mugs are chipped. No one had any use for something so broken. The tea cups represent us, people— broken, scarred, but still beautiful, lovable and in need of healing.

Almost everything they do and make are sourced locally and made in house from the boxes to the bags. The women employed here organize labels, name tea blends— you name it. Everything in the picture below has passed through their hands.

2018-10-19 047854063193830748503..jpg

And… word of mouth is that they’re making Christmas packages! Yeah, check it out!

2018-10-19 045234814371072587636..jpg

If you know a tea-lover, this would make a WONDERFUL gift for them.

If you’ve come this far, let’s assumed you’re interested in learning more about My Cup of Tea. You can do that here: https://www.shopmycupoftea.com/

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  • Love, Kayla.

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Gem of Orange Mound.

  1. I love what you said about the tea cups being broken but we can’t see it. Even broken, they are still beautiful. How often is that true about some of the people we hold in high esteem on social media or in the workplace. Just because they’re beautiful doesn’t mean they are not broken. I compare my broken to their beauty. But both of us are broken, and both of us are beautiful.

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